Nanomaterials are said to be a bunch of materials that have at least one dimension of fewer than 100 nm. The classification of these materials is based on how many of their dimensions are smaller than 100 nm. If all the dimensions of a particle are smaller than 100 nm, we call it a Nanoparticle. Because of their size, these materials have different properties than the larger ones. With the help of these different properties, materials with larger dimensions can also be modified using these materials.

For example, by placing these materials with specific makeup on the surface, it can be self-cleaning. Using these materials, paints can be more resistant to UV rays. There is also a special type of Nanomaterials called metal-organic framework consisting of a metal part and an organic part. These materials can be used to store regular fuel gases in a chamber. As a result, more than 1000 times more gas can be stored in the same compartment. Of these newly commercially available materials, they can also be used to optimally absorb moisture from the air. Jikan produces a variety of Nanomaterials.