Jikan CAG-Lite

Jikan CAG-Lite is an educational Contact Angle Goniometer, that measures contact angle and surface tension. The device consists of lighting, imaging and injecting systems with an integrated software. With an easy to use procedure and a user-friendly software it offers variety of tests to teach and learn.

  • Measure contact angle and surface tension for educational purpose
  • Learn interfacial phenomena in an easy way
  • Great choice for schools and colleges

Jikan Contact Angle Goniometer Series Comparison

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  • Exclusive software and user interface design
  • Exchangeable syringes and stages
  • Light weight, miniature dimensions and a reasonable price

Technical Data

Injecting Resolution

10 µl

Imaging System

Digital Microscope

Built-in Software Features

Manual Contact Angle Measurement

Manual Surface Tension Measurement


AC 220V | 70 Watt


Width: 230 mm

Height: 210 mm

Depth: 140 mm


5 Kg

Other Features

Motorized Injecting System

Exchangeable Syringes

Manual Stage Adjustment

USB 2.0 Connection

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