Jikan CAG-20

Jikan CAG-20 is an automatic device that measures static and dynamic contact angles (advancing, receding, roll-off and hysteresis), surface and interfacial tensions, as well as surface free energy.

  • Measuring static contact angle, dynamic contact angles, surface tension and surface free energy
  • Exclusive software for contact angle and surface tension measurements with 2 years of software update license and support
  • Automatic vibration free dispensing unit, software-controlled and interchangeable syringe
  • Advanced imaging system using high speed camera and telecentric lens
  • Inclinable camera stage
  • Sample automatic adjustable height
  • Temperature, pressure and relative humidity control modules.
  • Captive bubble module.
  • Compatible with Thermocycle Test Chamber, Jikan TTC-30
  • Compatible with pressure control module

Jikan Contact Angle Goniometer Series Comparison

Compatible With The Following Standards:

ISO 19403 Parts 1 to 7, ISO 27448, ISO 19810, ISO 15989, ISO 14644-9, ISO 15901-1, ISO 23232, ASTM D7334, ASTM D5946, ASTM D 724, ASTM C813, ASTM 5946, IEC TS 62073

Some of Published Papers Using Jikan CAG for Measuring Contact Angle, Surface and Interfacial Tension, and Surface Free Energy

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  • Uses SPPF (Sub-Pixel Polynomial Function) and ADSA (Axisymmetric Drop Shape Analysis) methods for high-accuracy contact angle measurement.
  • Calculating contact point motion rate while measuring dynamic contact angles.
  • Simple access to camera and environmental data such as temperature and humidity by touch screen display.
  • Automatic dispensing system for the desired volume rates.
  • Measuring the surface tension and interfacial tension using pendant drop method.
  • Calculating Drop Volume as well as Bond (Bo) and Worthington (Wo) numbers during surface tension and interfacial tension measurement.
  • Measuring the surface free energy using the OWRK, Wu and Equation of State algorithms.
  • Calculating Polar and Dispersive as well as Lifshitz-van der Waals/Lewis Acid–Base (LW–AB) components of surface tension
  • Real-time (Live) contact angle, surface tension, and interfacial tension measurement

Technical Data

Measuring Range | Inaccuracy

0° - 180° | ±0.1°

Camera System

Progressive CMOS Sensor | Global Shutter

Up to 150fps Optical Frame Rate

1024 × 1280 Pixels | Pixel Size: 5.0 μm × 5.0 μm

USB 3.0 | Video Sequences


±1 mm Working Distance Tolerance

Camera Back To Front Tilt


Lighting System

450 nm Wavelength | No Heat LED

Camera Positioning

Sample Holder Positioning

Motorized X & Z Direction Move (Optional Y Direction)

Motorized Y & Z Direction Move (Optional X Direction)

Position Adjustment Stroke | Accuracy

2.5 cm | ±100 μm


Automatic Dispenser | Nanoliter Resolution

Hardware Control

PC via Jikan Assistanst 

(Optional 7” Touch Control Pad)

Jikan Assistant Software

Contact Angle & Surface Tension Measurement Module Included

(Optional Surface Free Energy Measurement)

Computer Requirements

OS: Windows 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit & 64-bit)

CPU: Intel Corei3 @ 1.3 GHz or Higher

RAM: 2 GB or Higher | Disk Space: 2 GB

Input | Power Supply

USB 3.0 | 110/220 V, 50 W, AC

Size | Weight

55 cm × 30 cm × 50 cm | 14 Kg

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