Jikan CAG-10

Jikan CAG-10 is a semi-automatic device that measures static and dynamic contact angles (advancing, receding, roll-off and hysteresis), as well as surface and interfacial tensions.

  • Measuring static contact angle, dynamic contact angles and surface tension
  • Exclusive software for contact angle and surface tension measurements with 2 years of software update license and support
  • Automatic dispensing unit, software-controlled and interchangeable syringe
  • Advanced imaging system using high speed camera and telecentric lens
  • Temperature, pressure and relative humidity control modules.
  • Captive bubble module.
  • Compatible with Thermocycle Test Chamber, Jikan TTC-30
  • Compatible with pressure control module

Jikan Contact Angle Goniometer Series Comparison

Compatible With The Following Standards:

ISO 19403 Parts 1 to 7, ISO 27448, ISO 19810, ISO 15989, ISO 14644-9, ISO 15901-1, ISO 23232, ASTM D7334, ASTM D5946, ASTM D 724, ASTM C813, ASTM 5946, IEC TS 62073

Some of Published Papers Using Jikan CAG for Measuring Contact Angle, Surface and Interfacial Tension, and Surface Free Energy


  • Uses SPPF (Sub-Pixel Polynomial Function) and ADSA (Axisymmetric Drop Shape Analysis) methods for high accurate contact angle measurement.
  • Simple access to camera and environmental data such as temperature and humidity by touch screen display.
  • Automatic dispensing system for the desired volume rates.
  • Measuring the surface tension using pendant drop method.
  • Real-time contact angle measurement