Contact Angle Goniometer

There are a variety of techniques that are commonly used to measure contact angles, including the static sessile drop method, the pendant drop method, and the dynamic sessile drop method.
The static sessile drop contact angle is the angle between the surface and the tangent line starting from the three-phase point. This angle declares the wettability of the surface. Sessile drop contact angle includes two major types: static and dynamic contact angle. The dynamic one is divided to advanicnig, receding, roll-off and contact angle hysteresis. The sessile drop contact angle is measured by a contact angle goniometer using an optical subsystem to capture the profile of a pure liquid on a solid substrate. Older systems used a microscope optical system with a back light. Current-generation systems employ high resolution cameras and software to capture and analyze the contact angle. Angles measured in such a way are often quite close to advancing contact angles. Equilibrium contact angles can be obtained through the application of well defined vibrations.

Contact angle goniometer is a device that measures the contact angle. Using this device you can evaluate your surfaces’ wettability to make your surface suitable for the application.

Jikan Contact Angle Goniometer Series Comparison