Paint and Coating

The self-cleaning coating is a novel solution for washing and cleaning surfaces. in this method, the substrate is coated by a low-energy material. using these coatings the contact angle of the surface goes higher and the surface shows water-repellency. a water-repellent coating not only protects the substrate against dirt and pollution but also prevents the formation of stains and delays your need of cleaning the substrate.
Jikan Paints and Coatings has been developed based on cutting-edge technologies which deploy a tiny layer as a coating on the surface making the substrate hydrophobic/superhydrophobic and self-cleaning. Water droplets formed on the surface absorbs dirt particles to themselves. then the droplets roll off and wipe the dirt away. Jikan Paints and Coatings are made in various types depending on their application and the substrate. Superhydrophobic paint for cement (CSHP) dramatically reduces the damage to the facade of buildings by preventing the penetration of water in the cement applied in the buildings. Nano-Spray for solar panels (HNSP) prevents the pollution on the surface and thus the loss of energy, Nano-Spray for car’s windshield (HNSC) improves the driver vision especially on rainy days. Nano-Spray for building glass (HNSG) is useful for reducing washing costs for buildings, towers, and skyscrapers.