Hydrophobic Paint

JiColour Hydrophobic Paint (JHP) is a paint with moderate hydrophobicity. This paint is water-repellent and has self-cleaning properties. JiColour protects the substrate against dirt acid rains, and pollution and delays the need of cleaning the surface. Compared to the Jicolour hydrophobic paint, the Jicolour superhydrophobic paint is a superior paint with much better properties.

For building exterior walls and exposed surfaces, we recommend the Jicolour Superhydrophobic Paint (JSHP).

How To Use:

You may brush, spray or roll this paint on the wall.

For very rough substrates we recommend to apply Jicolour primer before painting the surface.

Note: If you use other primers, we cannot guarantee the product.

Available Volumes: 5, 10, 25, and 50 Liters


  • Hydrophobic
  • Durable
  • Anti UV
  • Easy to apply