Syringe Pump

Syringe pump is a tiny pump for injection and suction of a fluid. it is used for injection/suction of specific volume of fluid (from nano-litre to mililtre) with a particulate rate (from μl/s to ml/s) with great precision. The pump is available in various types and support different kinds of syringes to cover significant range of volumes and rates. They are produced in two grades:1- laboratory grade 2-medical grade. The most vital aspects of a syringe pump are: ability for suction and injection, range and precision of injection volume, range and precision of injection rate, force applied to syringe, appropriate UI, PC connection ability for specific programming. These pumps are utilized in numerous laboratory devices, electro-spinning devices, pharmacology, cellular injection, mass spectrometry and so on.

Syringe pumps do the injection/suction with suitable accuracy with great reliability and repeatability.