Jikan RMC-20 is a laboratory thermoelectric mini chiller, used for cooling by re-circulating the coolant. It can be used either for cooling the liquid itself or as a heat exchanger to chill any other laboratory equipment.

  • An ideal solution to get rid of excessive heat
  • Compact design
  • High accuracy coolant temperature control
  • Simple and practical user interface
  • Optional heating feature

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  • Precise Coolant Temperature Control
  • Compatible With Various Types of Coolants
  • Self Priming
  • Automatically Bleeds Air Out of the System
  • Anti-Freeze Protection
  • Low Noise

Technical Data

Cooling Capacity

260 Watt

Control Temperature Range

From Coolant Freezing Point Up to Ambient Temperature


Water, Glycol, or Any Other Noncorrosive

and Nonhazardous Liquid

Coolant Container Volume

Variable (200 - 500 mL)

Coolant Mass Flow Rate

3 – 9 l/min


550 Watt

Bleeding the Air Out


Heating Option

Optional (Up to 60ºC)


Width : 380 mm

Height : 380 mm

Length : 400 mm


15 Kg

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    Constant Temperature Bath

    Water baths: a container that heats or cools a bath of fluid to the required temperature. The samples, usually in glass vials, are placed into the bath to be heated or cooled. For basic water baths, the temperature range is typically (Ambient +5) °C to 99.9 °C.

    Shaking water baths also known as reciprocating water baths, typically used in biological applications such as hybridization and cell or bacterial culturing.

    • Linear or orbital shaking: 20rpm–200rpm
    • temperature range: Ambient to 99 °C
    • Some offer an independent shaking platform that can be added to standard water bath.

    Ultrasonic baths applications: high-performance cleaning of laboratory equipment, cellular breakdown, degassing, sonochemistry, dispersion, and fluid dissolution.