Jikan IAT-40

Jikan IAT-40 is your finest solution to evaluate icephobic surfaces. The device measures the shear stress between the desired substrate and the ice formed on its surface.

  • Fully automatic measurement
  • Fully controlled environmental conditions
  • Stand-alone testing, capable of porting the results to PC
  • Exclusive software
  • Short test time
  • Simple and easy controlling via the control pad

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  • Automatic Pushing and measuring system
  • Standard and customized molds for ice formation
  • Automatic dehumidification system
  • Motorized sample stage

Technical Data

Test Chamber Temprature | Accuracy

-20°C - 0°C | ±0.1°C

Surface Temperature Resolution | Accuracy

-20°C - 0°C | ±0.1°C

Force Sensor Range | Accuracy

0.1 - 1000 kPa | ±0.1 kPa

Force Probe Speed | Accuracy

0.1 - 500 mm/min | ±1%

Sample Stage

Motorized Height Adjustment

Moisture Absorber


Cooling Water Temprature Needed

0 ° C - 10 ° C

(Compatible with Jikan RMC-10)

Ice (Mold) Size

Multiple Config. (1 - 8 cm2)

Thermoelectric Power

72 W

Force Probe Dimensions

1 mm × 20 mm

Maximum Sample Size

100 mm × 40 mm


410 mm × 180 mm × 160 mm

Operating Voltage

110-240 V | 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption

250 W

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