Jikan Assistant

Jikan Assistant is the exclusive software of Jikan CAG series. Using Jikan Assistant, you will be able to control all the device hardware, read environmental data, capture images and record videos of the conducted experiment, and measure desired properties such as contact angles, surface and interfacial tensions.

Image Processing

User can choose from polynomial fit, circle fit, ADSA to measure the contact angle. The contact points can be found automatically or user can pick them manually. The live processing is added to evaluate the results as fast as possible. For a comprehensive data analysis off-line process can be performed as well.

Hardware Control

Using hardware control, user can adjust the height of sample stage and camera at different elevation rates. The injection rate can be adjusted to the recommended values for static and dynamics measurements as well as surface tension analysis. User can also monitor and record the pressure, temperature and relative humidity within the software.

Results Appearance & Data Analysis

Jikan Assistant shows collective data in table and graph forms, along with the live analysis. Also the data, image and video can be saved separately and you can re-analyze them anytime you demand.

Imaging Adjustments

You can choose the frame rate, exposure time, image resolution and illumination to obtain better results.