Technical Notes

Read about recent findings, scientific and technical tips here. theoretical and pragmatic methods for surface measurement, essential data and various measurement methods are explained in this section.

What Does Jikan Do?


We provide a wide range of devices to measure contact angle, liquid surface tension, solid surface tension, ice adhesion, and temperature cycle durability of nano-engineered surfaces. We also develop useful software for surface engineering applications.


We present a variety of services for our academic and industrial partners using innovative methods and precise apparatus by considering international surface thermodynamics standards.

About Jikan

Jikan Surface Nano-Engineering Company is a spin-off from SNE Research Center at the Mechanical engineering department of University of Tehran. Jikan was officially registered in 2015. Our interests and area of expertise includes manufacturing laboratory equipment, fabricating nano engineering surface (e.g. superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic surfaces) and conducting relevant researches.

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