Jikan SPM-20

Jikan SPM-20 is a laboratory syringe pump used for precise and continuous injection and suction of liquid and gas for static pressures up to 15 bar. This device is compatible with a wide range of high-pressure syringes from 1 microliter glass ones up to 50 ml medical grade syringes. SPM-20 has an apt simple UI, ability of suction and injection, high reliability and safety qualities and programmable via a PC.

  • Simple and quick syringe attach/detach
  • Computer programming ability
  • Touch panel
  • Save/load slots

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  • 25 kg.f linear force
  • High precision in injection/suction volume and rate
  • Compatible With Microliter And Milliliter Syringes
  • Great range of supported syringes, volumes and rates
  • Robust And Resistant Body
  • Low Noise And Vibrations
  • Customizable software
  • Memory To Save Programs

Technical Data

Maximum Injection/Suction Rate | Accuracy

10 ml/s | ± 0.1%

Minimum Injection/Suction Rate | Accuracy

10 nl/s | ± 0.1%

Minimum/Maximum Syringe Size

1 µl to 50 ml

Maximum Travel Distance

100 mm

Maximum Linear Force

25 kg.f

Built-in Software Features

99 Cycles

10 Saving Slots

Adjustable Injection/Suction Rate

Automatic Ranges

User-friendly interface


AC 220V | 30W


Width: 350 mm

Height: 150 mm

Depth: 200 mm

PC Software



5 Kg

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