Textiles Test Standard

The Standard “Nano Technology – Durability Evaluation of Hydrophobic Properties of Textiles Containing Nano Materials – Test Methods” was approved and ready to release by National Standard Committee for Nano Technologies on August 24, 2020.

It is prepared by groups of industrial experts and university professors of textiles and material engineering, experts from Nano-Technology and textiles headquarters and National Standard committee. The standard is supported by Division of Standards and Safety, Nano-Technology and Textiles headquarters.

Prof. Seyyed Farshid Chini, faculty member of University of Tehran and CEO of Jikan Co., participated in Standard preparation, as the scientific secretary.

hydrophobic properties make a textile easy to clean as if there is coffee stain or pollution on the textile. this property depreciates by sunlight, washing and abrasion. the standard were prepared to evaluate the durability of these textiles. according to the standard, the change in contact angles of textiles is measured before and after exposition to sunlight, washing and abrasion, shows its durability.

For more information please take a look at the standard’s approval news on Iran nano technology website.

Textiles Test Standard
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