Windshield Nano Spray

Jikan Nano spray for car windshields (HNSC) creates a transparent layer on surface of glass and thus, when it is rainy, it prevents water droplets to be spread on car windshields . This spray causes a reduction in adhesion force between the car windshield and water droplets and hence, the droplets slip due to their weight and separate from it . This prevents both stain creation and reduction of driver’s sight.


  • Hydrophobic Nano Particles
  • Acetone
  • ISP
  • Low Surface Energy Material

Available Volumes: 250 mL, 750 mL, 2 Liters


  • High Durability: Remains on surface for 2 months
  • Simple Usage: To make the surface ready, you only need to spray it and rub the glass with a napkin.
  • Transparency: Formation of a transparent layer without stains
  • Water preservation: Needless of multiple washes
  • Self-cleaning Feature: Getting cleared of dust with water droplet slip on surface