Water Absorbing Nano Powder

Jikan Zirconium Metal-Organic Framework WANP is a powder with the ability to absorb moisture in the air with very low relative humidity (more than 10%).


  • Absorbing moisture from the air in relative humidity more than 10%.
  • Extracting fluoride from water.
  • Extracting fluoride from break tea.
  • Increasing proton conduction of system.

Available Packages: 10 g, 100 g, 1 Kg


  • Stability in more than 300 cycles of moisture absorption and desorption.
  • Stability in liquid form of water.
  • High absorption and desorption rate.
  • Low energy consumption for reactivation in comparison with other moisture absorbing powders.
  • The possibility of increasing absorption rate of moisture If combined with a specific type of metal foam.
  • High proton conduction.